• Retiring For NJ Residents Just Got More Attractive
    New Jersey residents of retirement age just got some good news!
  • Thinking About Starting a Business?
    So, you want to start a business but there are all these different terms being thrown around about how you should structure it.
  • Cryptocurrency
    Cryptocurrency has been dubbed the future of money. But what is it and how big a wallet do you need for it?
  • Inheritance Tax
    Picture this: Your great Aunt Joanie passed away earlier this year at 102. She lived a long and wonderful life and wanted to share the fruits of her life’s work and bequeathed you a sizable amount of money. Before you earmark these funds for a summer home...
  • The Identity Theft Protection PIN-Should you get one?
    Beginning in January 2020, the IRS expanded the Identity Protection PIN Opt-In Program to all taxpayers who can verify their identities. This means, you can now be proactive in further protecting yourself from identity theft.
  • 2020/21 Tax Season at Bernicker, Eiger & Lang, CPA, LLC
    Believe it or not, Tax Season 2020/21 has officially begun! While we remained hopeful that the COVID-19 pandemic would be behind us and we could operate our firm as we normally did in years past, it is evident that this is not the case. Therefore, we had to make the difficult decision to continue with a virtual tax season.
  • Tax Implications of Working Temporarily in Another State
    Working from home or sheltering in place during the COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it many changes...
  • Tax Advantages for N.J. Business Owners of Pass-Through Entities
    While 2020 has not been anyone’s favorite year, some New Jersey business owners may be getting some extra relief when it comes time to file their tax returns.
  • Need Help Paying Your Tax Liability? Here Are Some Options!
    October 15th and what seemed like the never-ending tax season of 2020 has officially ended. But what if you have a balance due with your taxes at October 15th and can’t pay it in full!
  • It’s That Time Of Year…BACK TO SCHOOL
    “What a teacher is, is more important than what he …

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